Chapter 14

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Arhyvhynne was completely disoriented. Discomforted by the appearance of Khyrhyelle, though she was relatively sure it had only been an illusion, she turned back to the tunnel entrance only to find it was no longer there. She was enveloped in a thick, dark fog (mentally as well as physically) and her vision was severely limited. The white robe stood for some time gazing into nothingness, trying to determine which way to go. Arhyvhynne finally figured it didn't really matter. She moved forward (if indeed it was forward) down the tunnel unable to discern even where her next step would place her.

The murky fog remained as Arhyvhynne searched for some sign, some indication that she was moving in the right direction. But a quarter of an hour passed and she had encountered nothing. The young witch had felt for walls, variations in grade, changes in temperature, but there was nothing. Not even a sound. The blinding fog was her only companion.

The white robe continued for a time, fighting her rising fear and panic. Arhyvhynne wondered if she had already failed; maybe she was condemned to spend the rest of her life wandering aimlessly through this clouded domain. She thought her only chance would be to reach out with her mind, but leaving herself open like that, in this unknown realm, would be a great risk. Tears came down her face and she cried out to her mother, imploring help and releasing grief at once. But there was no answer.

When Arhyvhynne regained her composure she reluctantly decided there were no other alternatives: she would have to search the area with her mind. She sat down cross-legged and tried to relax but the semi-trance was slow in coming. Carefully, very carefully, she reached out her mind, trying to detect something, anything. She sensed nothing. Farther out she went and farther still and still nothing. Arhyvhynne was beginning to press her limits when she suddenly recoiled. Though she still hadn't sensed anything, she knew she was entering uncharted territory. She would have to proceed with extreme caution.

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