Chapter 14

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Though reluctant, Arhyvhynne entered a semi-trance and quickly reached the level of awareness where she could sense the barrier. Her mind strained as she pressed against it without result. A second attempt was equally unsuccessful, though she sensed something within herself, as well as the barrier, blocking her efforts. For the third attempt, Arhyvhynne gathered her will and stiffened her resolve. This will be the last time, she thought. It will end one way or the other.

The white robe focused her mind and reached the level of the barrier once more. She lashed out at it, trying to break through and destroy it. She was relentless, continually driving all her energy into the impenetrable wall. And then Arhyvhynne felt the slightest give in the structure. She raised her level of concentration even higher, struggling to take advantage of the weakness. As she did so, the wall began to slowly transform, until Arhyvhynne was looking into her own eyes.

Arhyvhynne now understood that she was the wall that actually barred her way and the barriers she faced were the barriers she had constructed within herself. The young witch saw herself as she really was and there were aspects which made her very uncomfortable. She knew she had to get past these to continue. She began to build up her energies before she could talk herself out of it.

Staring into her own sapphire eyes as she heightened her awareness, Arhyvhynne concentrated on breaking her barriers. Sweat mixed with tears as she exerted her will against herself. She experienced anguish, remorse and a strong desire to surrender to herself. She cried openly now, the agony being too much to bear. Still she exerted herself, not even sure why, driven only by the knowledge that it must be done. Finally, one by one, the barriers were shattered and Arhyvhynne left the less desirable aspects of her personality behind. As she reached a new level of awareness, the image of herself began to break apart and the fog began to lift.


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