Chapter 14

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Instead of fog, Eyrmysse was wrapped in darkness. The black robe looked for the entrance to the tunnel, trying to get her bearings. Unable to locate anything through the inky blackness, she began aloud, "What in the Goddess—"

Eyrmysse was cut short by a magical bolt that took her in the left shoulder and knocked her down. She crawled across the floor looking for a type of shelter as more bolts were cast, just missing their target. The sparks from the bolts off the stone floor allowed her to find a slight protrusion from the tunnel wall. Eyrmysse lunged for and made it, though she slammed into the wall.

Peeking around the jut of the wall, Eyrmysse could scarcely make out three figures in the distance. Then a bolt glanced off the wall, causing her to jerk away. She grimaced at the pain the movement caused her. She checked her shoulder and could make out blood on her hand as she drew it away. As the adrenaline subsided, her blood ran cold and malice was in her heart. These three will pay dearly, she told herself.

Deciding that her first priority was to get a better view of the area and her adversaries, Eyrmysse cast a fireball to provide some light, but also to demonstrate an offensive posture. Though the fireball seemed to be engulfed by the inky blackness, the faint light it produced allowed her to glimpse the area. The tunnel appeared to be about twelve feet wide and about as high. The ceiling was adorned with stalactites. About sixty feet away was what appeared to be some sort of rock formation taking up half the width and height of the tunnel. The boulder partially concealed the forms of three cloaked beings, one each in black, white and grey.

"What quarrel have you with me?" Eyrmysse asked loudly. But the echo of her voice was the only answer she received. Without benefit of any indications from the robed figures, Eyrmysse quickly decided to take the offensive. She figured she could spend hours here without any gain unless she took the magical battle to the three mysterious beings.

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