Chapter 14

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"I do not wish you—or your… companions—any harm. I merely want passage to continue with the Trials."

"Passage without conflict is not possible," said the form of Uvhymme.

Thinking that she might easily slip around the white robe, Eyrmysse made a quick move only to be mirrored by Uvhymme. Several attempts at the same type of feint produced the same result. She even tried to just push Uvhymme out of her way but to no avail. Perplexed, Eyrmysse considered her plight. She felt this must be some sort of test. She couldn't believe that she was really supposed to dispatch one such as Uvhymme without a fight.

While she deliberated, Eyrmysse felt the seconds slipping away. And that turned her thoughts to Arhyvhynne. Was her sister advancing quicker than her? Was she nearing completion? How successful had she been? The questions weighed heavily and pressured her into a decision. It is only her ghost, Eyrmysse told herself. She is not alive. It is not as if I would really kill her. But in the depths of her Soul, Eyrmysse knew that she was making a poor attempt at rationalization. She would never allow anyone to stand in her way.

Eyrmysse stared into the colorless eyes of Uvhymme. "You leave me little choice, Great One." After waiting for a reaction that was not forthcoming, Eyrmysse began to recite the Words to a very powerful bolt spell. She cast the bolt, driving it into Uvhymme's chest. The white robe fell to her hands and knees. As the figure of Uvhymme began to fade she looked up at Eyrmysse, her face contorted with pain, her eyes crying blood, the blood a ghastly contrast against the pale skin. When the figure was gone, Eyrmysse stood quietly, her emotions running the gamut from ecstasy to remorse. She looked down and saw a small pool of Uvhymme's blood on the ground. Eyrmysse reached down and touched the dark red liquid and then all hell broke loose.

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