Chapter 14

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An onslaught of bolts and fireballs struck Eyrmysse at once, driving her to the ground. Eyrmysse twisted her way back to her previous shelter and took several more bolts in doing so. Though she had kept her protective barrier active, she still felt much of the searing pain, the barrier only absorbing the brunt of the powerful blows.

The fireworks abruptly ended but before Eyrmysse could catch her breath, a black robed figure appeared to the side of her. Without thinking, Eyrmysse launched a strong fireball which hit the figure square in the chest, but it seemingly had no effect.

"You must do better than that daughter of Qhen Khyrhyelle," the figure said. Eyrmysse studied the specter which was similar to Uvhymme in all but clothing and facial appearance. This one had the look of contempt without so much as a trace of compassion. "Do you not know who I am?" Eyrmysse regarded her coolly and did not even offer her so much as a guess though she had one. "I am Jhaezyyre, master of mystical warfare."

Though she expected it, the announcement still sent a chill down Eyrmysse's spine. The spirit of Jhaezyyre was Uvhymme's counterpart. One of the most renowned black robes, Jhaezyyre had devoted her life to the study and development of magical warfare. She was the author of several of the best and most read treatises on the subject. Eyrmysse herself studied the texts with a passion.

"So it will be student against teacher," Eyrmysse said with a smile, hiding at once her fear and awe.

The expression on Jhaezyyre's face did not change. "You have much to learn. Prepare yourself."

Eyrmysse felt as much anxiety as she did excitement. She was now entwined in a chess game of martial skills at the highest degree. If she defeats me, it will mean my life. But if I win… The thought itself exhilarated her. There was no doubt that this was an opportunity she would never refuse.

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