Chapter 14

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There could be only one way, Eyrmysse saw. She didn't know if she had enough energy to pull it off, but it was her best chance. Her only chance. Eyrmysse constructed an illusion of herself. Though it didn't have to be perfect, it still depleted her waning energy and she needed to conserve enough for two more spells. The next spell was a teleportation. Eyrmysse teleported into the middle of the tunnel, leaving herself completely open for attack. A split second later, Eyrmysse placed her illusionary self directly in front of Jhaezyyre.

Jhaezyyre had seen Eyrmysse appear in the middle of the tunnel and began a spell that would end the conflict. But before she could cast the spell, the illusion suddenly materialized before her. Because of the proximity of the illusion, Jhaezyyre was forced to act without benefit of a close examination. She mistook the illusion for the real thing and cast the spell at it, thinking the distant figure was a ruse to get Eyrmysse herself in close. Eyrmysse pooled her remaining energy and cast a bolt high above Jhaezyyre's head, striking a huge stalactite. The stalactite fell, piercing the vulnerable top of the barrier and cleaving Jhaezyyre in two.

Eyrmysse viewed the spectacle with cold detachment for a brief moment. Her elation at defeating Jhaezyyre was shadowed by her extreme fatigue which caused her to slump to the ground. Though she was in desperate need of rest, she only allowed herself scant minutes before she forced herself to continue the Trials.

As Eyrmysse began to rise, a grey cloak brushed her hand, startling her. The black robe looked up, her gaze met by granite eyes. The figure in grey was wrapped in a mantle of power and light. Though her features were hard, they reflected some inner turmoil. Time ceased to exist as they stared at one another, each lost in her own private thoughts. A tear escaped the grey robe then shook her head once and was suddenly gone.

Eyrmysse shivered violently and cursed the second reappearance of her mother.


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