Chapter 14

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Arhyvhynne sat upon the dais of the High Witch in the Council Chambers. Every knee bent in her presence, every adoration was hers. She sat in judgment of her fellow witches and held their fate in her hands as all looked to her for guidance and succor. She agonized over every decision, wondering if she had made the correct choice, wondering if she had been fair. The weight upon her shoulders was great and in the few moments she had to herself she wondered how her mother had ever managed. Arhyvhynne hated every minute of it.

The days seemingly went on without end until one night, in the darkest hour before the dawn, Satarsmyt stole into the Towers. The demon entered the Council Chambers and confronted Arhyvhynne. "Arhyvhynne," he spoke, his voice thick and unaccustomed to speech, "most exalted of all High Witches, I have come to offer a pact."

Arhyvhynne was sickened with fright as she beheld the hideous creature. Failing speech, she motioned with her hand for the demon to continue.

"All those within these Towers, save your most divine self, are now mine." As Satarsmyt spoke the words, the Chamber filled with the inhabitants of the Towers. "And they are all subject to my every whim." The demon's tail wagged as he stroked his close cropped beard and pulled at the leftmost of his three horns while thinking. "Allow me to illustrate. Lhynette, kill Wyxotte."

Wyxotte did not offer any struggle as Lhynette walked over to the old white robe and thrust her hand into her chest. As Lhynette wrenched her hand deep within the dwarf, Wyxotte screamed and dropped to her knees then onto her back. The screams suddenly ended and Lhynette stood and held Wyxotte's heart high above her head as if it were some great prize. Arhyvhynne sat wide-eyed in disbelief. When Lhynette proceeded to devour the heart, Arhyvhynne gagged trying to fight back the bile.

"So you see Arhyvhynne—Arhyvhynne? Arhyvhynne!"

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