Chapter 14

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Arhyvhynne looked away, thinking what this decision would cost. She would be Satarsmyt's bride. She would bear demonspawn. Demonspawn. Terrified faces and pleading voices surrounded the white robe, stealing her away from her own personal misery. The clamor reached a deafening level.

"Silence!" Satarsmyt yelled. The demon turned to Arhyvhynne and held out a beautiful golden dagger. "The time has come. Will you kill Ahrokh?"

Arhyvhynne averted her eyes from the demon and dropped her head slowly. Tears ran down her cheeks as she shook her head and silently mouthed the words, "I cannot."

A great wail rose up from the witches. Amidst the cries of "Demon whore" Arhyvhynne could hear the giddy laughter of Satarsmyt and his SoulSlayer, Ahrokh. As the Slayer began tearing the Souls from his victims, Arhyvhynne's eyes were riveted on three people in the crowd. Khyrhyelle said nothing, but the anguished look on her face was one that clearly spoke of betrayal. Eyrmysse pointed an accusatory finger, saying "I should have been made High Witch." And though the screams of agony drowned out his voice, Arhyvhynne could see Uriel say the words "I loved you."

Arhyvhynne saw the distorted looks of pain that crossed the faces of her mother, sister and Uriel as they were being taken. And she saw the mocking look of Ahrokh as he ingested them. She had only that moment to dwell on the consequences of her decision before demon hands tore off her clothing. But then her entire surroundings suddenly dissolved into fog before her eyes.


As she toiled scouring the privy, Eyrmysse felt she had reached the depths of disgrace. She had lost her magical abilities as well as her beauty. Once a powerful Council Witch, she was now a slave, the property of a shoddy, contemptible, struggling merchant. She performed menial tasks for Zhevyk, a man who was mostly take and little give. He took her for granted, he took out the frustrations of pathetic business dealings by beating her and he took liberties with her. The only thing he gave was Eyrmysse's body to the business associates he either needed to appease or owed money to. And then he would beat her for being a whore and performing better for them than himself.

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