Chapter 14

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Though the tone of Qhen Rhyvhelle did not change, Arhyvhynne somehow knew that this indeed was a grievous question. She considered it for a time before she answered. "If it were not for Uriel, I would not have my life. Yes, even if it means my life."

The figure of Qhen Rhyvhelle shimmered and her voice cried out, "So you have chosen and so shall it be!" With that Arhyvhynne was once again left alone in the fog, though now she felt even more solitary than before.


A figure advanced from out of the darkness of the tunnels. Cloaked in grey, she stood before the black robe, studying her.

"They have sent a grey other than my mother," Eyrmysse remarked.

"Do I detect relief or anxiety in your voice?" the grey robe asked.

Though the wisdom of the question troubled her, Eyrmysse disregarded it. "You are?"

"Qhen Rhyvhelle."

"I see."

"I wonder if you do." The comment did not evoke a response from Eyrmysse, who was beginning to learn her place amongst the entities of the Trials. "You have walked a great distance down your chosen Path in a relatively short time. You have gained much power and knowledge though I fear little wisdom."

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