Chapter 14

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"Thank you," Eyrmysse said expressing sarcasm.

This time it was Qhen Rhyvhelle who elected to disregard the comment. "The Path you tread crosses that of many others. Most of them in a negative manner. Should you become High Witch I fear that it will become even be more so."

Eyrmysse eyed her evenly. "I expect you are about to offer me a choice."

It appeared for a moment that the great grey robe smiled slightly in sympathy. "I have not come to offer you choices, Eyrmysse. I am here to help you enhance your awareness and help you to see what lies before you. The choices are your own, my child. I cannot tell you what the outcome will be should you continue the Trials. I can tell you that if you continue, whether you are successful or not, there will be grave times. The Path ahead will darken and your life is not assured."

"And should I choose to… conclude the Trials at this point?"

"If you were to support your sister, you could have a happy and successful life developing the concepts you have learned here. You could greatly influence the events of the future. The histories would remember you as a powerful black robe."

"What of the wizard?" Eyrmysse asked, almost introspective.

Qhen Rhyvhelle shook her head solemnly. "He will not be yours," she said quietly.

"You lie!" Eyrmysse shrieked. "I will have him. I will be High Witch. I will have the knowledge and the power and none, none will stand before me!"

As with her sister, Eyrmysse saw the figure of Qhen Rhyvhelle shimmer away into nothingness and heard the words, "So you have chosen and so shall it be!"

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