Chapter 15

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She opened her eyes, wanting a last glimpse of the one who had saved her life and who she in turn now saved. What she saw was Uriel walking away, hand in hand with Eyrmysse. Sensing her eyes upon him, he stopped and turned around. "You must learn to do the necessary, Arhyvhynne." In that instant and in those words Arhyvhynne reached a better understanding of the Path and her failure to follow it. Her mother had understood the relativity of actions based on their occurrence on one level or another. Now she began to see it as well. As she looked back at Uriel there were tears in his eyes as he said, "You could not have caused me more pain if you had killed me." And then Eyrmysse led him away.


Eyrmysse began her ascent of the dark mountain before her. As she climbed higher and higher the way before her became more difficult. The stone and rock of the mountain cut her hands, knees and feet. She became less sure of the handholds and footholds. Blustering winds attempted to dislodge her from her precarious position. At one point she stopped and looked up, but was unable to see any pinnacle. Her eyes were then drawn down and she was overcome with vertigo as she gazed upon the unending swirling blackness of the abyss that had replaced the lower part of the mountain. Eyrmysse hugged the rock edifice desperately and the tears that escaped her tightly shut eyes mingled with blood. She knew her next step would be the most difficult. She fought against the fear that had paralyzed her, willing her foot to move ever so slowly towards the next hold.

Thus had Eyrmysse continued for a longer time still. With her confidence somewhat restored, she ventured a glance up and thought she made out the peak in the blackness. As her heart thrilled at the sight, a terrible gust of wind sought to throw her from the mountain. Her right hand came free followed by her right foot. As the winds buffeted against her, Eyrmysse's grasp weakened. The force of the wind tore her robes from her and caused her left foot to lose its hold. She quickly reached across and managed to secure her right hand to the mountain. As the winds continued to batter her, Eyrmysse struggled to gain footholds and clung to the mountain with her nakedness.

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