Chapter 15

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The winds would not relent, only becoming more brutal. The gales were sharp as knives and tore at the black robe's exposed skin. Eyrmysse's legs and arms became raw from the severity of the winds but she still forced herself to move towards the mountain top. As the wind continued its assault, so did the rock of the mountain scrape the soft flesh of her stomach and chest with each foothold gained.

After what seemed hours, Eyrmysse reached the peak and pulled herself painfully onto the top of the mountain. She lay there a long time, unable to move. Finally, a voice called out to her. "Rise Eyrmysse, daughter of Qhen Khyrhyelle."

Eyrmysse picked her head up slowly and saw an old man in tattered robes leaning heavily upon a staff. She pushed herself up and felt sharp pain flood her body. She was raw and bleeding as she stood naked before the beleaguered figure. But Eyrmysse did not attempt to cover herself. She stood defiantly, the violet eyes alive with the energy of attaining the mountain.

Wisps of thin white hair protruded from the hood of the old man. The remnants of a grey robe loosely covered his pallid skin. His lean body seemed easily swayed by the fierce winds that still howled around them. He let out a long sigh and then asked "What are the Seven Runes of Power?"

Eyrmysse tensed at the question and eyed the old man suspiciously. "They are the seven mystical glyphs inscribed in stones that encompass all knowledge."

"Enumerate them."

"Darkness, Stagnation, Destruction, Light, Progression, Creation, and Self."

"Which Rune do the Witches of the Moons protect?"

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