Chapter 15

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Eyrmysse shuddered from a gust of wind. Again, suspicion in the violet eyes. "Destruction."

"According to the Sacred Scrolls of the Moons & Stars, the reincarnation of the Dark Master will bear what symbol?"

"A golden pentagram." Eyrmysse began to wonder at the questions. So far they had been such that most anybody knew the answers.

"According to the Scrolls, where is the world of Faerie?"

This was from a very obscure passage, one that was only hinted at. "Somewhere to the north. Either Rraj Saghasse, Ahmorre or Vhollhonne."

"What caused the conflict leading to the Great Mystical Wars?"

Eyrmysse sensed a trap. Her opinion differed greatly from traditional interpretations and she decided to be cautious. "Thaum's zealous desire to conquer and rule the world."

"Do not be false with me again for it is useless to conceal your true thoughts."

"If my answers are already known to you, then why this pretense?" she shot back caustically.

"Can thou perform the Spell of Figuration?"

This was a very high level spell. It allowed one to see the true Inner Self of another being. Few in history had ever been able to cast it. Eyrmysse was not one of them. The implication made her sober and she gave the old man a cold stare. "No."

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