Chapter 15

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"What attributes are required to become High Witch?"

"Power," Eyrmysse replied immediately. "Strength, perseverance," she added after a moment's thought and considering her mountain climb.

"Is that all?"

The black robe thought deeply. "Knowledge. The High Witch should be well versed in not only the magics but the histories and politics as well."

"Why do you wish to become High Witch?"

"For the power and the knowledge. To learn and be able to cast the great spells. Not so much to control all others, but so that none can control me."

"What have the Trials taught you thus far?"

"That I am capable and worthy of becoming High Witch," Eyrmysse replied boldly. "I have suffered through and defeated Jhaezyyre. I have suffered through total indignation and survived it. I have suffered through the opposite Path, have given myself up to it and have walked it. I have told Qhen Rhyvhelle that none would stand before me and none have."

The old man slowly made his way to Eyrmysse. He groped for her hand and held it gently. Though the wind still whipped around them she was no longer cold. She looked at him and realized for the first time that he was blind, his unfocussed eyes staring past her as he spoke. "In my heart, I feared you would reach this point. I hoped against hope that you would heed the words of Qhen Rhyvhelle. But in my mind I knew you would stand before me for your desire and courage are great. You have one Trial left before you, Eyrmysse. Powerful you are and much knowledge you have attained but whether or not that is enough…" The Dweller Between the Stone's voice trailed off into the darkness as did his form.


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