Chapter 15

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Standing before the Dweller, Arhyvhynne only differed from her sister in the color of her hair and eyes and that she chose to try to cover her nakedness as opposed to flaunting it. Arhyvhynne was even as bruised and sore as her sister had been. The main difference and maybe the most telling, was that she lacked Eyrmysse's inner fire and determination.

Those who had constructed the Trials knew how to push the candidates limits without destroying them in the process. Maybe it was also the Soul Itself that pushed those limits and understood them. Regardless, Arhyvhynne was too weak to survive what Eyrmysse had been subjected to. Though she still had to contend with heavy fog, a swirling abyss of mists and the brutal winds, Arhyvhynne's ordeal with the mountain was not as long nor was it as arduous. Perhaps the Trials felt it necessary to test Eyrmysse further. Or maybe Eyrmysse's Soul did.

Arhyvhynne had already satisfactorily answered the questions pertaining to the Runes of Power and the Sacred Scrolls and pondered her response concerning the Great Mystical Wars. "Thaum sought to destroy the balance. Many think it was to rule over Khaballe and eventually the world. But I feel there were other, deeper reasons." The Dweller inclined his head, indicating Arhyvhynne should continue. "I do not understand the reasoning of gods or demons. Perhaps it was necessary in the greater scheme of things. Perhaps it is why we are here now."

"Can thou perform the Ritual of Renascence?"

Arhyvhynne shuddered violently and her sapphire eyes blazed for an instant, giving the old man a look of enmity. "No, I cannot," was all she said.

"What attributes are required to become High Witch?"

"The High Witch should have a high level of awareness and be understanding," Arhyvhynne answered. "She should also have wisdom and knowledge. And she must be strong."

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