Chapter 15

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"Why do you wish to become High Witch?"

Arhyvhynne shook her head. "I do not wish to be High Witch. I do not feel I am worthy, nor do I feel I am ready."

"Then why are you here?"

"Wyxotte is too old and Lhynette felt I would be more suitable than she, though I do not know why. They all expect so much from me. Even Uriel thought I should be the candidate."

"What have the Trials taught you thus far?"

Arhyvhynne took a long time before she answered. "I am stronger and more powerful than I thought, but that frightens me. I am afraid I may use my power in a negative manner."

"What else have you learned?"

"The Paths are more similar than they appear."

"What of Uriel?"

Here, the white robe became introspective. "He is somehow very important in all this. I have pledged to help him in any way I can." The Dweller nodded his head as one would to a little girl, showing patience, waiting for her to reveal the heart of the matter. But Arhyvhynne would not confide anything else, though she had a hint of what might be forthcoming.

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