Chapter 15

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Frustrated by her inability to coherently piece together the Trials, Eyrmysse decided to examine the exit to the dungeons and Arhyvhynne followed. The two found that a magical barrier prevented them from exiting the cavern. While the sisters could see the remaining Council members in the antechamber through the barrier, it was obvious that the opposite was not true.

Arhyvhynne recalled fragments of her initial Trial and told her sister, "I might be able to break through."

Eyrmysse gave her sister a wary look. She did not discount the possibility. She knew that changes had taken place within herself and assumed the same for Arhyvhynne. "I do not think it wise, if indeed you are capable of destroying the barrier. I have the feeling something more ominous awaits us." She motioned with her head towards the altar.

The sisters walked together to the altar. Looking at it, both Arhyvhynne and Eyrmysse were drawn to the golden dagger, the same blade that they had encountered in several of the previous Trials. Eyrmysse reached out a hand to the dagger and as she did so, a scroll materialized above the golden weapon. The scroll floated in the air and was yellowed with age, its edges torn. Eyrmysse read it first, turned away, obviously disturbed. Then Arhyvhynne read it. A moment after, the scroll dissipated into the air.

The white robe shook her head forcefully. "No!"

"We must," responded Eyrmysse.

"No! I will not."

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