Chapter 15

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Eyrmysse sounded as if she were explaining to a child. "I am not entirely pleased with the prospect myself. However, we have no other alternative." She knew she was very close to realizing her dream. Although even she did not particularly care for the rules, she knew she would win the game under the prescribed conditions.

Arhyvhynne pointed to the exit. "The barrier."

"Do you honestly believe you can break through?" Again, as if to a child. But secretly, a worry. What if she could?

"I do not know, but I have to try. Certainly it is preferable to…" The white robe shuddered.

Eyrmysse shrugged her shoulders and turned her back. Arhyvhynne proceeded to the barrier and sat before it. It was an effort for her just to get into trance. It didn't take long for her to realize that this simply was not an option. There were stronger magics at work. They were meant to conclude the Trials in a specific manner. But Arhyvhynne would not let it go.

Finally, after a quarter hour and more, Eyrmysse lost her patience and confronted Arhyvhynne. "It is evident, sister. There is only one way."

Arhyvhynne looked up at Eyrmysse, defeat in her eyes. But she did not respond.

"I have gone through the abyss for who knows how long just to get here." The black robe dwelled on what she could remember of the previous five Trials. She was getting angry now, working herself into the state of mind she would need to be in. "I am not about to sit here for eternity waiting for some miraculous deliverance. Make no mistake, I plan to leave this cavern as High Witch."

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