Chapter 16

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The Prince took advantage of the interruption to inwardly repress his emotions. When he spoke he was cool, confident. "Athar has some valid points. But I think if I stayed out of the picture, he would see through it anyway. I would rather work with Valdhon than behind his back. And I think he just might respect my efforts."

"Athar?" the King asked. The Advisor merely shrugged his shoulders, as if the matter was no longer his concern. Nherycyn looked back to his son and said, "I leave the decision up to you. But consider carefully before deciding, especially what Athar has cautioned us about. Either way let me know. We will need to make appropriate arrangements." The King motioned Athar to acknowledge his wizard.


The frail wizard went through the customary salutations before addressing the group. "We have received important news from the north. The details are not yet clear, however."

Uneasy looks passed among the group of four. The news could be anything what with rampant rumors of the SoulSlayers and the wizard staying at the Towers. The King's Advisor was somber as he said, "Go on."

Azarel looked to Zomyel who related the news. "Khyrhyelle has become Qhen Khyrhyelle. The High Witch has passed on to the spiritual plane."

Beleghor added, "A new High Witch has emerged from the Rites of Trial and reigns at the Towers of the Moons."


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