Chapter 16

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"You summoned me, master?" Azarel looked anxious. He was worried that he had somehow incurred his master's displeasure.

The Dark Master sat at his table, watching his chained "pets" play together. "You need not worry yourself. You performed well. I called upon you because there has been a change of plans. Contact the one from the Khezef Ahf."

"What do you wish him for?"

"The Prince plans to represent the crown at Valdhon's eightieth birthday celebration. Although this is still some time before the Journey of Homage, we could not have asked for a more fortunate situation. There will be a most stately gathering to witness the event."

"Mhylzul should perform his service then?" the wizard asked.

"Yes. Have him secure a position in the Prince's entourage. I will leave the rest to him." The Dark One turned his face to his servant. The face wavered between that of a human and an enormous fly. A thousand eyes looked upon Azarel. "So should you."

Azarel looked down and fought back the sickness he felt at seeing one of his master's true faces. He spoke through clenched teeth. "And the Prince suspects nothing?"

The Dark Master let out a snort of derision. "Athar warned him. But I knew Rhenycyn would never heed the words of the King's Advisor. In fact, I knew it would goad him to do the exact opposite."


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