Chapter 16

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Rhenycyn smiled at Dhonlaa and took her hand, kissing it lightly. Again, loud whisperings came from the guests. Someone noted that Rhenycyn was not accompanied by his girlfriend. Many turned to Fhyndhella's father, Delfyn, who was attending the party, and questions arose concerning the relationship between the Prince and his daughter. Meanwhile, the Prince turned his attention back to Valdhon. "I came here with the sincere desire to be with you in celebrating this most auspicious event. I was hoping we could put the past behind us."

"Hope is only for those who no longer command their own destinies." The old man bore his eyes into Rhenycyn and added, "Something that seems to run in your family of late."

This time the Prince was unable to disguise his anger. "Say what you will about me, but never, never apply the same remarks to my family!" Though the words were just above a whisper, the attention of all the guests had been redirected back to the Prince.

"Do you threaten me?" Valdhon fumed.

Rhenycyn's lips curled into a cruel smile. He spoke to the crowd as much as he did to Valdhon. "I think the senility of your old age has caused you to forget who is in your presence and to whom you speak. Your words against the King neighbor on treason. I would hate to have to begin inquiries where you are concerned. Especially so close to the Journey of Homage."

"It would suit your purpose to have my father indisposed at that time, would it not Your Highness?" There was a collective intake of breath as Dhonlaa lashed out at Rhenycyn. "After all, the real reason behind your outlandish presence here is to diminish my father's influence in the upcoming negotiations, is it not?"

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