Chapter 16

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Rhenycyn's face lost all color. "Dhonlaa, I… no, you must believe me," the Prince tried to explain.

"You had him murdered," she screamed. "On his birthday." Dhonlaa returned her attention to Valdhon, her sobs becoming uncontrollable.

Rhenycyn turned away from the grieving woman and noticed that a wide berth had formed around himself and his knights. He gazed at the crowd, hoping to find support. Some in the crowd wanted desperately to believe him. More held looks of accusation. But mostly, their eyes betrayed fear. Of him.


"Were there any… problems?" Azarel asked.

"Not really," Mhylzul answered. "The big knight, the dark one—what's his name?"


"Yeah, Mharkhel. I think he remembered me from the Leaf. He tried to follow me, but he didn't stand a chance."

"Anything else?"


"You are sure he is dead?"

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