Chapter 16

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Mhylzul let out a short sigh and gave the frail wizard a look of impatience. "Positive. No one can survive vhelheno. Not even wizards," he add wryly.

Azarel passed over the comment. "I trust that the chief steward, the one who hired you has been… terminated as well?" The assassin nodded. "Good."

A light knock sounded at the door. They were in the same dimly lit room that they used before Mhylzul paid his final visit to Neghez. The secret door opened and another black robe entered. This wizard contrasted greatly to Azarel. He had black skin and haunted brown eyes and was taller and more well-built than even Mhylzul. He closed the door behind himself wordlessly.

"Who's this?" Mhylzul thinly disguised his alarm. The assassin knew that men akin to the black man were from Rheg Nhor, the city to the far south, a port of the Raffha Sea. Rumor had it they had migrated over from Mhajje, the continent southeast of Khaballe. Though they were universally big and strong, and known for their expertise with a ship as well as weapons, they were relatively unknown in the kingdom. They preferred the south sea and seldom took up residence in any other part of Khaballe.

"This is Uxzel. Like myself, he is one of Athar's Ten. He is second in ability only to myself."

"What's he doin' here?" The assassin knew he could deal with Azarel if he had to, even with magic involved. He was quick enough to take out the wizard before he could unleash a spell. But the imposing figure of Uxzel changed the odds to the wizard's favor.

"I did not believe the Khezef Ahf knew fear." Azarel laughed a sick, little laugh. "You need not worry. We still have need of your… services. I have requested Uxzel to assist me in a teleportation spell." Mhylzul wore a wary look. "I am sure Bhel'Ehzz will be sealed off and we do not wish to take the risk of you being apprehended."

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