Chapter 16

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"I can get out."

"Perhaps, but the teleportation will make the outcome certain."

Mhylzul argued ineffectively for several minutes before he decided that he had no choice in the matter. A few more minutes passed while they discussed Mhylzul's destination. They settled on a secluded place outside of Sevhert'ah that all three knew well. That fact surprised the assassin. It appeared that Uxzel must have been well-traveled.

"When do you want me back?" the assassin asked.

"Return for the Journey of Homage. With the great influx of people into Bhel'Ehzz, you should have no difficulty passing into the city. Are you ready?"


Azarel laughed again and it sent a chill down Mhylzul's spine. Killing people was one thing, but these guys got under the assassin's skin. The wizards positioned Mhylzul and began uttering the Words which would transport the assassin to his new location. Mhylzul felt a tingling throughout his body and then a brightness enveloped him. Soon, the wizards were alone in the room.

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