Chapter 17

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The dark elf rolled her pink eyes. "Please. I have enough to worry about without you adding every conceivable possibility to them."

"But one of us would have to be the candidate." Dhynelle started expounding arguments but was interrupted by a gasp from Wyxotte.

The other three witches looked at the old witch. Lhynette asked "What is it, Wyxotte?"

Wordlessly, the old white robe stretched out her arm and pointed to the middle tunnel where energy was visually converging, causing a shimmering in the air. The witches unconsciously drew themselves up from the stone floor, their eyes fixed on the spectacle before them. As the shimmering grew brighter, a figure began to coalesce. The shimmering became supplanted by an intense golden light, so brilliant that it hurt the eyes, causing the witches, as one, to drop to their knees and bow their heads. Then the golden light slowly faded away, revealing the new High Witch of the Moons.


As Eyrmysse brought the golden dagger down with both hands, Arhyvhynne suddenly vanished. The blade, however, entered the altar effortlessly and an astonished Eyrmysse looked on, more as a spectator than a participant. Though she tried to pull the dagger from the altar several times, she was unable to do so. Bewildered, the black robe looked around the cavern for her sister. Her violet eyes came to rest on the middle exit where she noticed the air shimmering. A moment passed before realization and anger swept over her simultaneously.

"No!" Eyrmysse screamed and ran towards the exit. "No!" she screamed again as she flung herself at the opening. The black robe came in full contact with the barrier and the ensuing shock reverberated through her system as she was thrown violently across the room. Eyrmysse crashed into the altar and landed heavily on the cavern floor. The voice of Qhen Rhyvhelle was the last thing she heard before she passed into unconsciousness.


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