Chapter 17

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"Is it really?" Eyrmysse said as she glared at Arhyvhynne.

Arhyvhynne knew she was rapidly losing control of the situation and hoped for a miracle. Wyxotte supplied one. "Leave it alone, Eyrmysse," cautioned the dwarf while she gave the black robe a steady look. "Arhyvhynne was found to be the better candidate. You failed." The white robe's last two words seemed to stifle Eyrmysse and settle things down. All, however, were amazed at the active role Wyxotte had taken since Khyrhyelle's untimely death.

The High Witch quickly took advantage of the situation to change the topic. "Our first concern is that of adding a white robe to the Council. I have pretty much made up my mind unless anyone wishes to propose any other candidates. My choice is Xenyssa." This, for all intents and purposes, was a non-issue. On the last occasion a replacement was necessary, the choice for the white robe Council member fell between Arhyvhynne and Xenyssa. Though Xenyssa was considered an ideal candidate and a possible successor to Khyrhyelle, she declined in deference to Arhyvhynne. Xenyssa felt that her time would eventually come and that Arhyvhynne would greatly benefit by the experience. In retrospect, a decision that exemplified Xenyssa's foresight and wisdom.

There was a short discussion of some other witches, but it was more along the lines of candidates they might look to in the future. When it came to a vote, Xenyssa received all seven possible votes (the High Witch's counted for two in the absence of a Council member) though she only needed four. Arhyvhynne hoped that most of her reign would proceed as smoothly as Xenyssa's vote, but feared the opposite would be true.

Ghemella was sent to inform Xenyssa that her presence was requested by the Council. The Guardian was surprised to find Xenyssa waiting for her though it was not yet four in the morning. The witch stood framed by the doorway, tall and thin. Her long, silky hair was as white as the robes she wore and both contrasted greatly with her smooth, ebony skin. She had a commanding presence though she was reserved, held a goodly amount of knowledge and was an adept spellcaster. Little was known of her background though it was assumed she hailed from Rheg Nhor. Her name indicated a trace of halfling blood in her ancestry but her appearance did not support it.

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