Chapter 17

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The ceremony would include the ritual acceptance of Arhyvhynne as High Witch and the subsequent formal induction of Xenyssa as a Council member. Having visited the Grove earlier in the day, Xenyssa had gone through a private initiation similar to that of Arhyvhynne. Preceding the ensuing celebration, Arhyvhynne would briefly speak to the gathering, stating her conception of her mission, her objectives and her expectations of the Council as well as the coven.

The mysterious gong signaled the commencement of the coronation. The hooded witches set their torches in the ground, joined hands and bowed their heads. As before, Wyxotte led them through the opening prayer. The witches began to sing a song of power and glory and the music of their voices was truly magical. As the song reached its climax, the lights of the moons, Skhuroh and Khyaroh, converged on the Towers.

A collective shout of elation erupted from the witches as Arhyvhynne emerged from the Towers. The High Witch was radiant, bathed in the silver moonlight. As before there was a glamour about her. She wore her simple white robe with the hood down around her shoulders. Upon her wheaten hair was an intricate metal mesh caul adorned with sapphires. The jewels were as beautiful as her eyes, which were sparkling and moist with joy and happiness. The crescent moon amulet about her neck was now decorated with the blue gems as was the matching ring on the ring finger of her left hand. In that hand she carried a book which was nestled against her breast. A small wand occupied her right hand.

Arhyvhynne slowly made her way to the islet while the witches continued with their hymns of worship. Once upon the islet, the gong sounded ending the song and the High Witch, surrounded by her Council, spoke the Ritual words of acceptance. "I thank thee, O Wisdom of the Ancient Witches, for what thou hath granted to me, thy handmaiden. May your lives guide my life, may I clearly hear your voices speak within my Soul, may you increase my awareness and may you usher me into your universal understanding." Arhyvhynne fixed her eyes upon the coven before continuing. "Thou see before you thy servant. To the utmost of my abilities will I guide thee and protect thee. To the end of my life, your service, will I endeavor to be ever devoted to and apply all my energies to the furthering of our sisterhood, the Witches of the Moons."

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