Chapter 17

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The witches responded in unison, "High Witch Arhyvhynne, as thou are our servant so shall we serve thee. Thou who are the most exalted and blessed amongst all women. Upon thou do we bestow all our faith and upon thou do we confer all power so that you may deliver us from delusion and deception and assist us in seeking eternal verity. Do not block our Paths, rather represent reality to us so that we may come to comprehend our spiritual center."

Following a litany by both the High Witch and the coven, Arhyvhynne called Xenyssa to her and the newest white robe took her vows as a Council member. Arhyvhynne conferred her blessing upon her and then proceeded to address the Witches of the Moons.

"I offer you, my sisters, my sincere and heartfelt thanks for your warm acceptance of me. This has been a difficult time for all of us, what with all the mystery and suspicion that has clouded our lives." Most of the witches nodded their agreement with Arhyvhynne's last statement. "We have found little information as to why my mother," there was a noticeable catch in her voice, "was prematurely taken from us. All we know is that she was murdered," here she began to visibly struggle to keep her emotions intact, "by magical means. Though it pains me to acknowledge this, it is probable that one of our sisters is responsible." Though this was generally known to the coven, still whispers and comments circulated through the gathering. "Should any of you have any information pertaining to the… to this incident, I strongly urge you to confide in me or one of the Council."

After pausing to regain her composure, Arhyvhynne continued. "It would not only be disrespectful but foolish to stand here before you and tell you that I will continue as my mother did before me. She did, after all, wear the grey and was wonderfully wise. She was unquestionably the most remarkable woman and the most talented witch I knew. She was…" the young witch caught herself and smiled sheepishly. "I am sorry, I admired and loved her very much. Let me just say that I will try to adhere to her policies as best as I can."

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