Chapter 18

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Arhyvhynne agreed that Uriel was in some way involved in the big picture but argued that he had done nothing but good since he had arrived, that he was an important ally and as such it was imperative that he be allowed to function freely. Lhynette supported the young High Witch as did Wyxotte, though for different reasons. Lhynette again had someone she could believe in and throw her allegiance to. Wyxotte saw this as a test for Arhyvhynne and a black robe versus white robe confrontation. Xenyssa, though she was known to be an impartial thinker, was expected to side with the High Witch and the white robes. Which she did, but only after she strongly expressed that they should exercise extreme caution and remain alert.

The discussions dragged out for some time as Arhyvhynne felt it important to convince the black robes to alter their views. Lacking success, Wyxotte (knowing what the outcome would be), finally convinced the High Witch to call for a vote. As was expected, the white robes outvoted Dhynelle, Qelharre and Eyrmysse.

Uriel, knowing his fate was being decided, tried to melt into obscurity. He spent most of the week in the library, though he did allow himself the luxury of some riding time with Ullyna occasionally. In turning his attention to books of science and nature, he found out that unicorns were not necessarily drawn to virgins, as the mythology of Earth assumed, but to those pure of heart and mind. The unicorn was a complex creature: powerful, fast, intelligent and mystical. Though their numbers were few, less than a hundred populating the continent, they lived long lives, similar in duration to that of the witches. The golden horn, along with the gold and silver eyes were symbols of the blending of opposites, though the horn alone was the instrument through which the animal's magical powers were manifested. Many sought the unicorn for its horn, there being many rumors of the power one could wield with it and the exceptional medicinal attributes it had. But a unicorn without its horn was as a cripple and died shortly thereafter.

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