Chapter 18

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During his week of studies, the High Witch dropped in on Uriel from time to time. In part, she was curious as to how he was spending his time and offered her assistance in any matter. The other purpose of Arhyvhynne's visits was to assure him that his status was not in peril with the new Council.

Although designed to foster his resolve, the visits led Uriel to consider the grave situation he was in. That, together with the vast differences between Earth and Lhogosse (the name of the planet he was on) and the reasons for his being here made his mind spin. At times he felt he had been pushed beyond the brink of acceptance. He even questioned if it was all real, if it indeed was happening to him or if he was a small part in some bizarre dream. But deep inside, he knew better.

Uriel reflected on his experience with the HIERARCHY, searching with a blind mind's eye for some hint or sign of what he was supposed to do, of what was expected of him. His lack of knowledge and direction along with the enormous pressure that he felt over his mission seemed to follow him closer than his shadow. This in turn, weakened Uriel to the point where he could not suppress memories of his several encounters with the Dark Ones. Although he tried to relegate those thoughts to the back of his mind, he was becoming unsuccessful more often of late. At times, he could almost feel their presence, willing him to take up their cause and walk the black Path. As the darkness of night touched the Towers in the northland, so, too, could he feel the touch of the Dark Ones upon his Soul. The result was that it was becoming increasingly more difficult for him to fight his mounting desire to give himself to the power and allure of magic.

In one of his dark moods, Uriel's thoughts led him to investigate the darker beings of Khaballe. He found little in the way of documentation regarding SoulSlayers and the like. Uriel knew he was likely to find more information about them in the texts of the black robes, but recollections of the books that Eyrmysse had attempted to give him dissuaded him.

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