Chapter 18

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What he uncovered from more standard sources was rather sketchy. It turned out that SoulSlayers were a more malevolent, powerful variety of the Ehsermhortt, zombie-like beings created through black magic. While the conjuration of an Ehsermhortt required a certain level of magical mastery, it was believed only a high level adept could summon a SoulSlayer into being. The Ehsermhortt had to be infused with a single-minded directive and acted as a group while the Slayers were cognitive entities in command, more or less, of their own will. Both thrived from the deaths they inflicted on mortals and disposing of either was a difficult proposition. It was thought that the Ehsermhortt had to be burned. Only a complex high level casting could dispel the SoulSlayers.

As he delved deeper into the dark side of Khaballe, Uriel uncovered some cryptic mention in the reference books to the incubus and succubus. Unable to find any details about them, he risked investigating a black robe text—and wished he hadn't. He found that these were demons who defiled humans. The incubus was of the male variety, the succubus was female.

As he read about the perverted beings, Uriel heard the door to the library open. He looked up and was met by violet eyes filled with contempt. She looked different now, the blatant sensuality accentuated by malevolence. Ghemella had mentioned to him that she had learned a great deal during the Trials. That she had become more dangerous. Violence waiting to happen. Uriel saw it in her face, in her stature.

Uriel's heart stopped as Eyrmysse walked toward him and stopped at his table. As she looked at the book in his hands the snarl on her lips melted away into a smile. That smile, he thought. God, how I hate that smile. The black robe absently fingered the crescent moon which hung enticingly at her chest. Uriel seemed mesmerized by the medallion and fought to take his gaze from it. He succeeded, but only to have his eyes drawn to hers. Seconds escaped while they stared at each other. Uriel noticed the room beginning to change. Following a brief period of brightness, the room began to blur and became nondescript.

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