Chapter 18

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Everything was as it had been. Xenyssa offered Uriel a perplexed look and a raised eyebrow. She seemed to reconsider something and then abruptly walked down the library aisle calling to Uriel as she went. He followed her and they stopped when they came to another wing in the library. Here, she pulled down from the top shelf an oversized, loosely bound tome. Gold lettering adorned the dusty cover as well as arcane symbols, including moons and stars. The black woman rested her eyes upon the heavy book for a moment before handing it to Uriel.

"The Sacred Scrolls?" Uriel asked. Xenyssa nodded affirmation. "Why are you giving it to me? I've seen it before," he said, his voice flippant. He was somewhat irritated from the previous evening with Eyrmysse and his lack of sleep, not to mention being caught "examining" The Black Lodge. But he was most upset with himself for even thinking about the mysterious book, though he would not admit it.

"What you have seen are abridged copies." The white robe pointed to the book saying, "That one is intact. Many feel it may be an original."


"You may garner some pertinent information from the Scrolls in their entirety. Nothing has been omitted and it is free from the interpretation of others. The passages, however, are more difficult as most of them are in verse and use the old tongue."

"Anything specific I should look for?" Uriel asked, bordering sarcasm.

Either Xenyssa didn't notice or she didn't care to. She reached on top of the shelf and pulled down a much smaller volume. "This is a type of index. I suggest you look through this and… research whatever raises your interest." She left the index with him and turned to leave.

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