Chapter 18

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In order to diminish the likelihood that this Destroyer would come among them unannounced and unnoticed, the government of Khaballe passed laws to that effect. They first disbanded all fraternal brotherhoods of a mystical nature and prohibited the founding any such organizations. As it was obvious that there would always be those born with the "gift," they limited the practice of the magical arts by males to a number of ten. These were selected and approved by the King's Ministry. Those who showed ability but were not selected were subjected to a life of confinement and misery while the ten became the responsibility of one wizard who guided, directed and furthered their learning. In later years, the position of the eminent wizard evolved into that of the King's Advisor.

Trying to take his mind off of his obvious similarity to the description of the Destroyer, Uriel turned his attention back to the index of the Scrolls. This time, he got to the middle of the index before the island of Kho Rhon'ah caught his eye. He had heard Khyrhyelle mention it from time to time, but only in passing and he got the impression that there was something enigmatic about the place. In conjunction with a few histories, he was able to paint a fairly accurate picture of the mysterious island.

It was originally a place of learning, a university of sorts for those interested in metaphysics and the mystical way of life. The Wizards of the Stars, as they were known, travelled to the north of Khaballe (for then it was only a country in the midst of a vast continent) and congregated there to perform certain rituals and study. As the tradition grew, many stayed the year round and construction on an academy began. This mirrored similar events transpiring with the witches who were busy building their own school a little to the south. Though the studies of the witches and wizards were similar, it was believed that segregation would enhance or at least stimulate academic pursuits as opposed to stimulating other areas.

Day to day life transpired much as it did at the Towers. There was teaching and philosophy and discussions that would go on for centuries without any resolution. The sum total of the wizards' accumulated knowledge was transcribed and stored in the library. As the academy grew in size and prosperity, so did their needs. By necessity, a small town grew around the academy and thus the city of Kho Rhon'ah came into existence.

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