Chapter 18

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"To an extent," answered Lhynette. "Khresnhet is a minor holiday but is celebrated throughout Khaballe. Originally all the celebrations followed the same pattern as ours, which is descended from our ancient sisters. However, over the years, the customs have deviated from region to region, even city to city, though the rural areas tend to follow our ceremony a little more closely. In most cases they still perform some ritualistic cleansing and dancing but follow that with games and contests and other forms of merriment, not excluding the consumption of great amounts of food and liquor."

After a moment the High Witch turned it back to Uriel. "Do you think you would like to join us?"

Not knowing what to say, Uriel decided he better go with the truth, at least partially. "If you don't mind, I would prefer not to. I think I would feel more than a little awkward. And though I appreciate your attempt to include me, I can't help but think that some of the witches would not exactly welcome my presence there."

Arhyvhynne, Eyrmysse and Dhynelle all began to say something but were cut off by Wyxotte. "We understand completely, Uriel. And thank you for considering our feelings as well." The old witch eyed both Eyrmysse and Dhynelle before turning to Arhyvhynne. "Is there anything else the High Witch requires us for?"

Arhyvhynne was confused and a little put out at having her authority wrested from her. "No, I believe we are done." Then, in an attempt to reassert herself she asked Wyxotte to stay behind. After the Chambers cleared out she asked the dwarf, "What was the meaning of that?"

"I was saving you from Dhynelle and your sister, not to mention yourself," Wyxotte responded.

"Saving me from myself?"

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