Chapter 18

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"Think about it, Arhyvhynne. A man, a naked man mind you, the only man they have seen for the better part of a year, amidst all of us, naked as well, after having the mead."


Wyxotte shook her head and turned away, mumbling, "Only to be that young and naive again."


Four moons swiftly passed and the day of the Khresnhet celebration was upon them. Uriel arose to find the Towers empty and wandered around restlessly. He wanted to get a look at the ritual taking place in the Sacred Grove. Actually, he was more interested in seeing the participants than in seeing the ritual, but somehow felt that it would be degrading.

He fought with it for the better part of a half hour before deciding to sneak a peek. After all, he had been invited. Uriel made his way down to the main hall but was unable to find a suitable viewing angle there. Undaunted, he went up several floors, taking the stairs two at a time. But to his dismay, when he arrived at a hall window, his expectations were not met.

Though he could see a large group of people at the edge of the pond, he could not make out particulars. He focused upon the isle, but could barely distinguish some images of people milling around. Initially, it frustrated him to think that Arhyvhynne was there and that he could not see her. Then it disturbed him that he wanted to see her.

He turned back to the large group and saw someone, someone who could have very well been Eyrmysse, staring up at the Towers, directly at him. Or so he thought. His face burned crimson with embarrassment and he quickly moved from the window.

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