Chapter 18

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Uriel roamed aimlessly through the Towers, feeling disgusted and chastising himself for his stupidity. It wasn't long before he found himself before the doors of the library. The library had become a place of solace to him. He had retreated here often, a haven against the outside forces he had no control over. He entered the library without thinking about it and immediately lost himself amongst the walls and isles of books. Uriel casually glanced at some titles but found none that drew his interest or could take his mind off the ongoing celebration.

He continued walking through the library while he thought about Arhyvhynne. And Eyrmysse. The black robe had a tendency of unnerving him, regardless of what she did. "What an absolute bitch," he said aloud. "She goes out of her way to make my life miserable. Absolute misery. What the hell does she want from me anyway?" Uriel was suddenly startled and looked around. He thought he saw a glimpse of a shadow but there was no one there and he heard no unusual sounds. The only thing of notice was a black leather bound volume with silver lettering. There was less than a moment of indecision before Uriel pulled The Black Lodge from the shelf.

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