Chapter 19

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One of the dock workers burst out laughing and slapped Dhirnhon on the back. "Who are you kiddin'? You're here every night!"

The entire group broke out in laughter, Dhirnhon being the only one who didn't appreciate the comment. When they settled down, Setryv asked, "How did you come about hearin' this?"

Dhirnhon sat up in his chair, assuming an air of importance. "A fellow come and sit next to me at the bar. The knights told him the Slayers killed twenty of their own and took the High Witch. It happened up north it did," he said emphatically. "And the reports from up there still talk of strange happenings and unexplained deaths."

"And there's been no word from the Towers as to the cause of death of the High Witch," the merchant added. "Only that one of her daughters, the white robe, Arhyvhynne, now reigns."

"Who was this man that told you this?" Mharkhel asked Dhirnhon.

"An agent of the knights," Dhirnhon answered as if he related a secret.

Mharkhel stood up, agitated. "That's absurd! The knights employ no such persons."

"Shut up," Setryv said and hit the dark knight in the chest. "Of course they do." Setryv waited for Mharkhel to seat himself before he turned to Dhirnhon. "I, too, have a friend that… is a friend of the knights. What did this one look like?"

"Big. Real big. Dark hair. And his eyes. I'll never forget his eyes. He had strange eyes."

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