Chapter 19

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With the fight at its height and amidst flying chairs, glasses and other assorted items, Setryv had all he could do to drag Mharkhel out of the White Wyvern and into the street. It took a lot for Mharkhel to lose his temper, but when he did, something came over him and he became next to unstoppable. Setryv pulled Mharkhel to his feet and began laughing. "That was great. It has been a while. I really enjoyed that."

Mharkhel focused distant eyes on his friend. There was no recognition in his eyes as he gave him a dirty look and pushed him hard in the shoulder before walking off alone into the night.

The next morning found the two knights and the Captain of the Royal Guard in the Prince's quarters reporting their findings. Rhenycyn paced, not happy with what he heard. "Damn! I thought that this would have died down by now. Will it never end?" The knights said nothing and the Prince continued his pacing. "Are you certain this one that was talked about in the Wyvern was the one who poisoned Valdhon?"

"No, Your Highness, we are not certain," Vhyqyrd replied, "but the description is very similar. I would be very surprised if it were not him."

The Prince nodded. "Make sure one of your own frequents the White Wyvern. A different man each night. He is bound to come back."

"What about The Falling Leaf?" Setryv asked. "We saw him there as well."

"Yes, that may be a good idea." Rhenycyn considered a moment, then added, "Though do you suppose he would show himself there? He is not the type to fit in there. He would be easily recognized."

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