Chapter 19

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Ellycyn remained with Setryv for the duration of the evening. The Princess also performed a bit of the obligatory political toil and tried, like the others, to promote confidence in the ruling family. The knight spent his time winning several prizes for her, easily cleaning up at the archery booth. Any questions regarding Mharkhel were smoothly turned aside by Ellycyn and the dark knight had not been seen the entire evening.

Until the hour was late, that is. Some of the booths had begun to close for the evening when Mharkhel appeared, bleary-eyed and staggering somewhat. The noises of the evening which had diminished to an extent now disappeared completely. But Mharkhel seemingly did not take notice. Silently, he made his way to the trevhette booth. When the knight arrived, he found the attendant closing up. "I want to register," Mharkhel said, the words slightly slurred.

"I am sorry Sir Knight, but registration for the trevhette has ended," the attendant replied.

"I just need you to add… two names to the list."

"I am afraid that is not possible, Sir Knight."

Mharkhel grabbed the front of the man's tunic and picked him off the ground, bringing him to the knight's height. "I see you have little regard for your well being, friend."

Just then Setryv came upon them. "Anything I can help with, Mharkhel?"

The dark knight turned slowly, immediately becoming sober at hearing the sound of Setryv's voice. "You have done enough already, Setryv," the dark knight said and cast the attendant to the ground.

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