Chapter 20

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Then, just before sunset, the MidSummer ritual would take place. Following the ritual would be entertainment in the form of music and dancing. There would be more food. And more drink. The night of fellowship would transform into a night of romance. It was the traditional night to reveal one's true feelings about a member of the opposite sex, to begin a relationship or perhaps a life together with a proposal of marriage. But often times, as the night progressed to early morning, unloosed passions coupled with the excess of drink to bring about the downfall, not the beginning of relationships.

As the night that was light began, there were rumors and gossip of some covert scheming by Dhonlaa. Of Rhenycyn being distant with Fhyndhella. Of Jhyrenne, always ready to satisfy the Prince's needs. Of Ellycyn and Setryv. Or Mharkhel. Of the young and beautiful warrior, Vhalkhette. Of witches and wizards. It definitely had the makings of a long and interesting evening.

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