Chapter 21

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And he was not disappointed. He had been returned to the font where his thirst of desire had been satiated. But while the first night with her had been wild and reckless, tonight they enjoyed slow, careful lovemaking, cherishing every nuance, taking turns pleasing each other in the most intimate ways.

When they finished, she got up and lazily moved across the room to the fireplace where she added a couple of logs. Though it was summer, it was always a little cool in northern Khaballe, especially so in the stone tower. She ran her hands through her long hair and then stretched, her silhouette against the backdrop of the fire beginning to arouse Uriel once more. He was filled with wonder. She is perfect, he thought, absolutely perfect. His eyes devoured every part of her and it was with effort that he forced his view from one part of her anatomy to another. "She beckons with her smile, her eyes dance like fire. She has hair of raven, her body is desire."

She turned back to him, sent a tantalizing smile. "Something you just came up with?"

"No, just some words from a song from before, back when I was a teenager. It was by a band—a group of musicians—called ZenArcher. A friend of mine was in it. He wrote it. Seeing you standing there like that… you just reminded me of it."

"What was it called?" she asked.

He snickered. "Queen of the Stones." She gave him a questioning look and he explained his mirth. "The song was about a witch."

She laughed and then remarked, "I thought there were no witches where you came from."

"Not really. I mean there were, but it's nothing like it is here. And no one even remotely close to you."

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