Chapter 21

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She toyed with a black curl as her violet eyes sparkled in the firelight and teased him with her smile. That smile. Uriel reminisced about the times when that smile had caused his blood to freeze. When those eyes had burned through to his Soul. When just being near her had made him uncomfortable. He shook his head slowly and sighed, then reached out his arms to her. She crawled beside him into bed again and they drifted off, the heat from the renewed fire washing over them.

A knock on the door woke Uriel, startling him. He sat up in the bed, his heart beating wildly, his mind disoriented. Adrenaline coursed through his veins. He struggled to latch on to the memories. Or had it all been a dream? But then Eyrmysse was sitting up beside him, setting his fears aside.

A second knock caused Uriel to begin to scramble out of bed to locate some hiding place. But Eyrmysse put a restraining arm around him. She motioned for him to be still and quiet. The black robe sent out a mental query as to the identity of the visitor. "Come in," she called out. Then she turned to Uriel. "It is all right. It is Jukhuule."

The door opened and a black robe entered. If she was surprised to see Uriel in bed with Eyrmysse, she gave no indication, though she quickly closed the door behind her. "I did not mean to interrupt you, Mistress, but it is the appointed time for our instruction."

"Is it already?" Eyrmysse replied with regret.

"I can inform the others that we were forced to reschedule if you wish it," Jukhuule said.

"No, it is all right." Eyrmysse turned to Uriel and kissed him. "I am sorry."

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