Chapter 21

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Uriel was slightly embarrassed and managed to reply "That's okay." He was holding the covers up to his neck and felt as silly as he looked. Isn't it supposed to be the woman that always does this on tv, he wondered?

Eyrmysse crawled out of bed and began getting dressed. "Oh," she said, raising her eyes to the ceiling as she let her arms fall to her sides, "forgive my ignorance. Do you two know each other?"

Uriel shook his head. "I don't think so."

Jukhuule recalled a time, however. "Actually we met once, briefly. It was at the time Arhyvhynne… when you brought Arhyvhynne back."

Uriel nodded his remembrance. It seemed an eternity had passed since then. In a way it had been. Things were so different now.

Eyrmysse's voice dragged Uriel back from his recollections. "Jukhuule is my apprentice," she told him. "That is not an official position, but we have been close for a long time and she has studied under me since I was elected to the Council. She is very talented and devoted to her studies—and her Path. She would be a good match for either Qelharre or Dhynelle. I was preparing her to take my place upon the Council when I became High Witch." Her failure still caused her great pain and it was easily noticeable to the other two in the room. But then she turned to Jukhuule and smiled her patented smile. "Do not despair Jukhuule. There will still come a time when we will need you to sit on the Council."

"I do not doubt you, Mistress." Jukhuule moved to where Eyrmysse was finishing getting dressed and helped her adjust her robe. She passed a side table upon which was The Black Lodge. Again, she showed no sign of surprise.

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