Chapter 21

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It was the first time Uriel was able to get a good look at her. Until now, she had remained by the door with her hood up and concealed by the shadows. But now, in the light of the fire, he was shocked by Jukhuule's features. She reminded him a little of Ghemella, with the darkness of skin and being slightly overweight. But it was if some geneticist had played a cruel joke on her. The right side of her face was dark, the eyebrow a little bushy, the eye itself brown, the nose somewhat bulbous, the lips thick. But on the left side the skin was a lighter shade, the eyebrow thin and pointed, her eye hazel, the nose angular and the lips thin. She looked grotesque.

Uriel uncomfortably looked away. Eyrmysse filled the awkward silence. "We are going to do some work on barriers and will be involved for a few hours. I will come find you when we have finished. We will have another ritual to attend later." Then she added as an afterthought, "It is still very early. It may be a good idea for you to return to your room now. You would probably go unnoticed." She turned to Jukhuule. "No one is aware of our little… tryst." She need not say anything more. The implication did not escape the black robe.

Eyrmysse went back to Uriel and kissed him. And kissed him again. Then she left wordlessly, Jukhuule trailing behind her.

Uriel wanted to lie back down but took his lover's advice instead. He dressed quickly and sneaked back to his room. He saw no one, that is until he met up with the High Witch.

"Uriel, why are you up so early?"

He avoided Arhyvhynne's sapphire eyes. "I, uh, couldn't sleep. Decided to go for a walk."

The white robe, as was her nature, expressed her concern. "Really? Is anything the matter?"

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