Chapter 21

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Uriel was stunned. Eyrmysse didn't force herself on him or threaten him. On the contrary, she had actually been helpful. He had seen a side of her he did not know existed. She seemed a little more like her sister than herself. She provided acceptance and support when others would have persecuted him with disapproval and opposition.

Bolstered by the encounter, Uriel ventured into untested waters later that evening when he attempted a more complex spell. But his conjuration to summon a spiritual entity failed miserably and resulted in him being forced to endure an interminable night of mental anguish. It was his first real taste of being used as opposed to being the user.

The next day Uriel alternated between states of fear from the experience of the previous evening and obsession to continue on at all costs. It was late afternoon before he ventured out of his room and by chance, ran into Eyrmysse. The black robe could tell something had happened and she gently persuaded him to confide in her. He found it amazing that she was able to relate to him, that she understood the pain and yearning, the fright and exaltation. She could express the very same feelings that loomed behind his every thought. Here was somebody who was going through the exact same thing he was.

She offered to assist him that evening and promised that it would be on a strictly platonic level. Uriel was very unsure about the proposition. He was afraid of suffering through another failure and he was still afraid of Eyrmysse to a degree. But his fear of not attaining a higher level and moving towards mastering the contents of The Black Lodge supplanted both those other fears.

The magic they performed that night was wondrous (at least from a black robe's point of view). Uriel was impressed at Eyrmysse's serious attitude and solemnity. The black robe brought him along carefully, knowing when to offer assistance, when to let him struggle and when to push his limits. By night's end, Uriel had conjured a spiritual entity and had learned to command and control it.

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