Chapter 21

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It was apparent from the outset that Uriel was not in the proper frame of mind to perform magical work. He was taking everything too lightly, exhibiting a matter-of-fact attitude. It was not long before he began losing control. Recalling a similar incident less than a week earlier, he began to panic. By trying to escape from the situation, Uriel became entangled in an astral battle with the summoned entity.

Outside, the storm intensified and a jagged spike of lightning shattered the window of the room. Deafening thunder sounded as the rain poured in and Uriel, wearing a horrid mask of pain, was helpless to save himself from his fate. He was being forced dangerously close to the open window when Eyrmysse took control of the situation. She positioned herself between Uriel and the window and though the wind and rain buffeted her, the black robe managed to disperse the entity and end the invocation.

With both of them completely soaked, Eyrmysse helped Uriel away from the window to his bed, being careful not to step in any of the broken glass. She tried to get back to the window to cover it in some way but Uriel would not let go of her arm. The black robe sat down next to him and tried to calm him down. But he shook violently and hugged her tight, repeatedly murmuring nonsensicals. Eyrmysse pushed the damp hair from his face and told him that it was all right, that he no longer had anything to be afraid of. After a few moments, Uriel finally regained control of himself. He looked at Eyrmysse as if for the first time. As she had done for him, he now pushed the wet, black curls from her face. He looked at the violet eyes and the small smile on her lips, both displaying compassion. She gently put her hand up to his face and he held it there. "Thank you," he said and he kissed her, tenderly at first and then stronger, his passion growing. He started to grope for her, but she refused to surrender herself to his advances.

"This is not the time, nor the place," Eyrmysse told him.

Uriel looked confused as well as disheartened. "But I thought…"

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