Chapter 21

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Eyrmysse shook her head and rested her hands in his. "You misunderstand me. Others will be here soon and I think it wise that we be discreet," she explained. "It might not fare well for either of us if our… relationship became known." The black robe smiled her wry smile. "Besides, the festival begins in two days. It would be fitting if we waited until MidSummer." Her violet eyes held his as she leaned over and kissed him. "I promise myself to you then."

Thus it was that Uriel and Eyrmysse became lovers.


There was awe in Uriel's eyes as he looked around the small, circular room located at the very top of the turret called Khyaroh. It had a slit of a window and one entrance which was watched by a Guardian. The room had the familiar dark stone walls with the obligatory symbols etched in them. The floor, however, was tiled with alternating black and white marble squares. Two pillars rose up to the ceiling. The one on the left was fashioned of black marble, the one on the right, white. A grey veil loosely hung between the pillars. Behind the veil stood a pedestal of grey marble, upon which was a Rune of Power. The Rune of Destruction was cast in gold with the inscribed character inlaid with silver. A column of miniature lightning flashes that reached the ceiling sporadically danced around it.

"So here you are."

Uriel turned and smiled at seeing Eyrmysse. "Oh, hi. Are you done teaching already?"

"Already? It has been three hours and more."

Uriel was taken by surprise. "Has it really? It didn't feel like that long. The time seems to pass so quickly when I'm here."

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