Chapter 21

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Eyrmysse got Uriel's attention back from the Rune of Destruction. "Did anyone see you leave the room?" The black robe spoke quietly, out of the earshot of the attending Guardian.

"No, but Arhyvhynne saw me before I got back to my room," Uriel replied in an equally subdued tone.

"Did she say anything?"

Uriel recalled the uncomfortable meeting. "She wondered what I was doing up so early."

"What excuse did you give her?"

"That I couldn't sleep. She also has heard rumors that we're studying together."

"Really?" Eyrmysse played with a black curl. "How did you handle it? What was her reaction?"

"I pretty much denied it, though I'm not convinced she bought it. She suggested that I ought to consider working with Xenyssa. She said that you were, let's see, how did she put it? Oh yeah, that you 'can be rather seductive in more ways than one.' I almost died."

Eyrmysse giggled. "But she does not suspect anything?"

"I don't think so."

"Good," the black robe said, not able to conceal her smile. She took Uriel by the hand and began to leave the Sanctum. "I believe we should find out just how seductive I can be," she whispered in his ear.

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