Chapter 22

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As soon as she was comfortable with Qenthyeffe's condition, the black robe turned her attention back to the matter at hand. She gazed at the barrier, her eyes unconsciously following the incandescent streaks that could prove so deadly. Then she focused on the Rune of Destruction.

In reversing the polarity, the black robe had been able to situate the barrier so that its vulnerable spot was positioned in proximity to the Rune. Next, she would have to thrust something that could pierce the barrier, reach in, seize the Rune and withdraw her hand without being struck by or releasing the lightning.

The witch removed a crescent moon she had fashioned of lead from the folds of her robe. With it, she cautiously probed the vulnerable spot of the barrier. She smiled. She received no shock. The lead worked as an insulator, absorbing the charges emanating from the barrier. But she was forced to withdraw the crescent when it began to grow hot and turn black.

The black robe eyed the barrier as she would a nemesis. Then she carefully aimed and swung the crescent moon at the vulnerable spot, the point of the moon piercing the barrier. She was barely able to stop her momentum before the entire moon and her hand entered the barrier. The lightning immediately converged around the area attacking the alien object that had entered its domain.

The assault from the lightning was melting the end of the moon that was inside the barrier. The witch quickly withdrew the moon and the fabric of the barrier sealed itself shut. But not before a flash of lightning escaped. The bolt shot past the black robe, coming close enough that the force of it knocked her to the ground. The lightning ricocheted dangerously off the walls and floor of the Sanctum, narrowly missing both her and Qenthyeffe on several occasions. Then the image of Satarsmyt enlarged, growing to monstrous proportions before it seemed to simply absorb the wild streak of lightning.

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