Chapter 22

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"Why is my father not here?" Her voice was impudent. "I was under the impression I was to give the Rune to him."

"He decided to remain in Bhel'Ehzz for MidSummer. An opportunity presented itself." Satarsmyt returned to the smaller throne and seated himself. "How goes it with the wizard?"

The witch considered before she answered. "He is becoming much stronger. He studies The Black Lodge fervently. Overall, I would say he is coming along as was hoped."

"Is there anything else?" the demon queried. The tail began to wag and he had a curious look on his face.

The black robe weighed the question carefully. Her response was guarded. "Should there be?"

The fire that was the demon's eyes dimmed ever so slightly. He was not pleased at the lack of her cooperation. "What of his relationship with the High Witch?"

"I do not believe that there is one." The witch did not feel compelled to disclose everything she knew. Especially now that her goals did not necessarily coincide with theirs. She was not sure the creature accepted her terse answers so she attempted to refocus the conversation. "What news from Bhel'Ehzz?"

Satarsmyt ran his clawed hand over his close-cropped beard. "All things are proceeding quite well in the capital. This Mhylzul of the Khezef Ahf seems more than competent. Fears grow and rumors spread. Word should be arriving there shortly regarding the sightings of Slayers in the north. If it has not already. And when they learn of the Rune, it should dramatically heighten the state of unrest in Bhel'Ehzz."

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